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Big bash sports started with the aim to empower womanhood with sports with few moments of Freedom to be who you(I)am. As we all know Throwball historically was designed for women to play & to be free from responsibilities for a few hours.Shital M Pithawalla with co-operation from all of our women players commit to make Big Bash Sports League, a force to be reckoned with, not only in India but internationally too. All I need is your involvement and commitment towards becoming champions of Throwball and bring true meaning to women empowerment through sports. Looking forward to a great future of being great sportswomen of a great Bharat, wherein every woman is "NARI TU NARAYANI"
Jai Hind.



“BIG BASH WOMEN’s THROWBALL“ is first of its kind to host “WOMENHOOD WITH SPORT" to the sporty heart of Mumbai (Dadar). This event achieved its success, wherein 20 teams (all mothers and more than 200 women) come from different walks of life- Housewives, Teachers, Doctors, Lawyers, Film directors, Pilots, Air hostess, Bankers, Business ladies, Actresses, etc (aged 18 to 60 year) took part. It’s like a whole big Throwball family where the ladies come out of there busy life's to play, enjoy, and to share their feeling towards sports.The event was graced by honorable chief guests Shrimati Sharmila Thackeray, Guest of honor Mr. Rajandra Pai (Advocate and Legal consultant at Bombay High Court), and honorable Mr Akshay Pai (Advocate at Bombay High

" A Successful Team Beats with One Heart "
" Every Accomplishment Begins with the Decission to Try "
“ You Earn Your Trophies At Practice And You Just Pick Them Up At Championship”